LUHearty allows you to detect
and treat health issues of your
dog before it is too late


Introducing a groundbreaking wearable device that accurately measures vital signs,
helping to detect potential health issues such as heart diseases, obesity and stress etc.

This device, which can be worn as a dog collar, can track your dog's activity levels and skin temperature.
When detached, it transforms into a smart stethoscope that can measure heart sound.

Gain valuable insights into your pet's health and activity pattern with our comprehensive health report.


Application equipped with algorithms that analyze the data measured by LUHearty and provide various health information

Health Report

Our device syncs with the app that provides comprehensive health report

An online consultation service (set to launch in 2024) will make use of a report that can be measured and generated from the comfort of your own home

LUHearty collects data on pet dogs in their familiar home environment and generates monthly health reports, allowing owners to easily track their dog’s health trends. This helps address the issue of white coat syndrome, where pet dogs may experience altered biological indicators due to the stress of visiting the veterinarian and facilitates accurate diagnoses.

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Massachusetts Amherst